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    Cell phone carriers selling location data
    We need to turn on our cell’s Location tab in order to use Maps. But are we allowing more than Google to access our phone.
    From ConsumerAffairs:
    AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are facing unwelcome scrutiny from Congress over their practice of selling cell phone location data to bounty hunters.

    The revelation comes courtesy of Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox, who paid $300 to a bounty hunter with the challenge of tracking down his T-Mobile cell phone. It didn’t take the bounty hunter long to find it.

    The reporting implicates all major cell phone carriers for selling individual location data to third parties. The data can then be re-sold to other third parties, transactions that eventually result in bounty hunters, stalkers, or others obtaining location data for several hundred dollars.
    California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris and other lawmakers, as well as FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, are now calling for an investigation into the major carriers.

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