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    Do you think identity thieves use stolen information only once? Guess again.

    Memphis woman repeatedly accused of identity theft arrested again
    From Ch. 5 in Memphis, TN:
    A Memphis woman, who’s been repeatedly charged with identity theft, was arrested again. 
    Pia Sims is accused of trying to buy a pricey pool table using a stolen credit card, and Shelby County investigators say she set up delivery of that pool table on the same day she was in court facing charges in another identity theft case.=
    Sims, 30, bought a $4,700 pool table from Family Leisure on Whitten Road, according to the arrest affidavit. 
    The affidavit says the store got a call from a man who lives out of state saying the card was his and it was being used without his permission, so Family Leisure called the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and a sting was set up. 
    Deputies watched the pool table get delivered to a house on Meadow Vale in southeast Shelby County.  Neighbors confirmed to WMC Action News 5 that Sims moved into the house earlier this summer. 
    They said they’ve seen a Mercedes and a Dodge Charger in the driveway, and they’ve seen squad cars there on several occasions, including last week when detectives obtained a warrant to enter the house. 
    The affidavit says they found a $4,500 tax refund check in a printer. The check was made out to Christianna Williams, and after some investigating, detectives realized Williams filed a police report back in March, accusing Sims of filing her tax refund without her permission.


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