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    Call attorneys, but take time for business

    From AP Business:
    NEW YORK (AP) — When a small business is involved in a lawsuit, an owner’s concern can’t only be about winning or losing — it also has to be about making sure the company stays on track.
    Owners who have been sued or who brought lawsuits themselves must meet with lawyers, gather evidence and sometimes give depositions. If they have employees whose testimony is needed, bosses must spend time with them explaining the situation. The time and energy it takes can be a huge disruption to normal operations.
    “It was like I had to take on another job — being a defendant. It probably added three hours to my day,” Burke Files recalls of the lawsuit brought against his company, Financial Examinations & Evaluations, in 2010. Another business charged Files’ company with libel because of information one of his employees posted on a website unconnected to Files’ Tempe, Arizona-based firm.

    I help grow your business, so you spend less time running your business. Exactly the reason LegalShield exists for Small Businesses.


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