• Synthetic Identity Theft is Fastest Growing U.S. Financial Crime

    Coincidentally, I gave an identity theft seminar and there was much interest on the mechanics of synthetic theft. It’s tougher than the toughest ID theft cases because it’s so difficult pinning it to one person. Here’s a great article from MeriTalk.

    Synthetic identity theft has…

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  • Did you know that with medical fraud and identity theft there is no protection or ceiling limit from financial responsibility?

    A must read from “mySA”

    Medical identity theft is an increasing concern for Americans. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 27.9% of 2018 data breaches as of mid-June are in the Medical/Healthcare cat…

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  • A US court affirms your right to flip the bird to cops

    Yes you can! There’s still humor to be found. And with LegalShield an attorney is at your fingertips.

    From The quartz:
    It’s probably not a good idea to give any authority the middle finger. But if you’re in the US and want to express yourself crudely, your right to do so has been aff…

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  • You only have as much legal assistance as you have green in your wallet! This is not only true for Louisiana but all across the United States. At LegalShield, we are doing something about it.

    From an article on Nola.com:
    Forty-seven states provide funding to help their most vulnerable citizens secure free legal assistance in civil matters. The…

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  • Are you thinking of structuring your business? SCORE is one of the great resources. Are you a HBB? Check out LAUNCH.
    From the Record Eagle:
    Making and selling tie-dye T-shirts is very different than operating a canoe rental company. When considering what type of business entity to set up for your new endeavor, a key question to ask yourself is…

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  • A small town in Texas held ransom. Everyone is susceptible. Identity fraud, anti-spyware, anti-virus programs are a necessity. Are you protected to a level you need to be?

    From TechTalk:
    The City of Del Rio, Texas was infected with ransomware on January 10, 2018.  This cyber attack led to servers at City Hall being disabled and all city d…

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  • Cell phone carriers selling location data
    We need to turn on our cell’s Location tab in order to use Maps. But are we allowing more than Google to access our phone.
    From ConsumerAffairs:
    AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are facing unwelcome scrutiny from Congress over their practice of selling cell phone location data to bounty hunters.

    The revelation…

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  • Equifax Identity Theft Data Poses Risk for Retailers and Shoppers This Holiday Season

    From the Business Wire:

    MELVILLE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intellicheck (NYSE AMERICAN: IDN) President and CEO Bryan Lewis warns that the personally identifiable data stolen during the Equifax breach is going to be a problem this holiday season with fraudsters…[Read more]

  • Sebastian Sidi LIVE in Concert. Ticket includes wine, appetizers, dessert and a full length concert by Sebastian Sidi with special comedy performance by Patrick Wyatt. Doors open at 6:50pm, so arrive early to enjoy the VIP RED CARPET EVENT.


  • 7 Steps to Spotting a Charity Scam Before Your Donate

    From Techlicious:
    Technology has made it easier than ever to give to charities in times of need. Fundraisers pop up in your Facebook News Feed, you see options to text in your donation and, of course, you receive emails and calls. All of these donation methods are legitimate and used by…[Read more]

  • If you consider the attributes exposed just from the Facebook, Google breaches: full names, emails, birthdays, gender, profile photos, places lived, job, relationship status, etc., a not so publicized form of fraud will raise it’s ugly head – synthetic fraud. Get used to this term. And protect your personal identity.

    From Hill.TV:
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  • Everything isn’t always what we seem.  This is something we have come to know and accept.  However, when we download a program that is supposed to protect us, that is what we expect it to do.  Apple users were recently duped with Adware Doctor, which positioned itself as an adware prevention tool, but actually was spying on user behavior.  Now,…[Read more]

  • Popular Paid-App, Adware Doctor, Spied on Apple Users

    One of the top five paid apps in the Apple App Store, was accumulating data on its users and sending it overseas.  Adware Doctor, previously known as Adware Medic, was the fourth top app in the App store.  It portrayed itself as a security product, gaining the trust of its users.  It is be…[Read more]

  • Straight Talk: Take steps to prevent identity theft

    From the CantonRep:
    The Canton Regional and Greater West Virginia Better Business Bureau offers tips and advice for Stark County consumers to avoid fraudulent practices.
    TODAY’S TOPIC: Minimizing the risk of identity theft
    THE CONCERN: Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key…[Read more]

  • Here’s Why Business Email Compromise Is Still Driving Executive Identity Theft

    From SecurityIntelligence report:
    All it took was access to a lawyer’s email, and suddenly, almost $532,000 was in the wrong hands.
    This business email compromise (BEC) scam began simply: A criminal in Los Angeles named Ochenetchouwe Adegor Ederaine, Jr. gained acc…[Read more]

  • Do you read the fine print on your credit cards? How about having your attorney do it for you?

    A class action lawsuit claims debit cards with non-sufficient funds are getting hit with excessive fees
    Like most retailers, Target offers holders of their Red credit card special deals from time to time, such as the retailer’s current promotion of 5 p…[Read more]

  • LegalShield Announces Launch of Largest Spanish-Speaking Attorney Network in the United States
    Legal Services Company Expands to Offer Spanish Language Legal Plans, Leveraging Technology to Bring Affordable Legal Services to Latino Market


  • Do you think identity thieves use stolen information only once? Guess again.

    Memphis woman repeatedly accused of identity theft arrested again
    From Ch. 5 in Memphis, TN:
    A Memphis woman, who’s been repeatedly charged with identity theft, was arrested again. 
    Pia Sims is accused of trying to buy a pricey pool table using a st…[Read more]

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