• I learned how vulnerable we are to identity theft — when it happened to me.

    Identity theft keeps impacting more people every day. Locally identity thieves are growing in numbers due to the ease it affords. Heck, college kids used to get jobs at fast food restaurants, are now buying software, a few machines and are in the identity fraud b…

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  • BOSTON – A Worcester man, who escaped from a Puerto Rican prison 25 years ago while serving a 30-year sentence for second-degree murder, was sentenced Friday in Worcester Federal Court for Social Security fraud and aggravated identity theft.
    Jose Lopez Rosado, 51, was sentenced to six months in prison to be served concurrent to the nine- to t…

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  • Google Docs users face a new phishing scam.
    Two-factor identification can keep most people safer from identity theft. I’m constantly harping on folks – if given the choice do it! Just a better way to keep your personal information just that. Here’s the link to get started. No excuses. Click here and follow instructions.

    A new phishing scam r…

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  • IRS touts resource on identity theft.
    The IRS is infamous for lack of protecting our personal information. But at least now they are trying. Identity theft is real, and the identity theft thieves are out in force. Have you received a phone call from the IRS? It’s a scam. From The Hill:
    The IRS on Monday touted a streamlined resource on its website…

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  • Filing taxes sooner helps prevent identity theft.
    It’s tax season. Always good information to brush up. From WXOW:
    LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Filing taxes earlier rather than later can help prevent identity theft, and there are local options for those who cannot afford a handler fee.
    Filing one’s tax returns with the IRS eliminates the option of…

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  • Synthetic Identity Theft is Fastest Growing U.S. Financial Crime

    Coincidentally, I gave an identity theft seminar and there was much interest on the mechanics of synthetic theft. It’s tougher than the toughest ID theft cases because it’s so difficult pinning it to one person. Here’s a great article from MeriTalk.

    Synthetic identity theft has…

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  • Did you know that with medical fraud and identity theft there is no protection or ceiling limit from financial responsibility?

    A must read from “mySA”

    Medical identity theft is an increasing concern for Americans. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 27.9% of 2018 data breaches as of mid-June are in the Medical/Healthcare cat…

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  • A US court affirms your right to flip the bird to cops

    Yes you can! There’s still humor to be found. And with LegalShield an attorney is at your fingertips.

    From The quartz:
    It’s probably not a good idea to give any authority the middle finger. But if you’re in the US and want to express yourself crudely, your right to do so has been aff…

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